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Wood Couture

The renaissance design of the Kings Garden is the starting point for this study of how recursive subdivision can change a field to an instrument which can be occupied and explored by the visitor. The renaissance garden was made accessible by a form of recursive subdivision; paths, views, nodes and meeting points emerged in this way. In a similar manor the pavilion starts with a plane which is transformed by means of recursive subdivision, thus creating a “soft fabric” which is manipulated in order to create space, figure, structure and transparency.
The Kings Garden: A subdivided surface creates paths, nodes, and urban space. A recursive subdivided plane constitutes the only building material of the pavilion. The plane consists of plywood sheets laminated with a textile.
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This pavilion is deliberately ambivalent. The structure is located somewhere between landscape, building and haute couture. The structural principle borrows from the world of fashion where individual integrated parts create a structural spine from which other parts are hung freely in a not precisely determined position.
The method of construction allows for a high degree of flexibility and styling in the building process and the same structure can be erected in several different configurations.
The structure uses no nails or screws, but is completely assembled with the help of textiles.
The plywood sheets are laminated on a weather resistant cotton textile; thereby the relation of the sheets to each other is determined already on the material stage in the workshop.

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