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The CAT Centre for the Arts and Technology in Segovia

The CAT Centre for the Arts and Technology in Segovia, part of a public initiative aimed at changing Spain´s desired market model, includes a new business development area related to new technology industries, their cultural expression and their connection to society. The buildings we will develop are part of a masterplan by David Chipperfield Architects for the entire CAT. The organization of this plan defines pure volumes with a fixed geometry as the starting point for the architectural projects.

Within this complex, our office will develop three of the buildings: the Knowledge Centre, the Entrepreneur Centre and the Artistic Creation Centre. The three buildings shape an urban space/plaza, interconnected by a perimeter colonnade itinerary that generates a spatial cushion to relate the volumes to the outside world. The character, the scale and the image, are from the outset the most intense working variables.

The Entrepreneur Centre will be the first building erected on the CAT site. The project is generated from an exterior spatial concavity running the full height along the edge of the initial block, in the manner of a spatial void. This concavity (a biconical dome) decides the building´s spatial scale, its language and the standard longitudinal organization. We propose this architectural standard as a functional and spatial strategy that we will use in all three buildings, on the basics of which we develop a juxtaposition of more personal micro-themes that ultimately define and shape each project. The building develops from different scales and spatial qualities based on the program. A double conical vault runs along the length of the building for the living-lab area, set on the entrance floor as a continuation from the plaza. The projection rooms are set on the two lower floors, while the work zones are in the top part of the building with a double height typology.

Detail atrium
Detail Atrium
Detail access
Detail access
Cat 05  construccion cupula desplegada
Entrepreneur centre 03
Entrepreneur centre
Entrepreneur centre 04
Entrepreneur centre
Entrepreneur centre 05
Entrepreneur centre
Entrepreneur centre 06
Entrepreneur centre
Vista cupula con paisaje portada(2)
Untitled 3
09 centro de emprendedores planta acceso
10 centro de emprendedores planta primera
11 centro de emprendedores planta segunda
12 centro de emprendedores planta tercera
13 centro de emprendedores seccion constructiva por acceso(2)
14 centro de emprendedores seccion constructiva por salon de actos(2)
15 centro de emprendedores definicion del pliegue(2)
16 centro de emprendedores definicion del pliegue

Architects: Sol Madridejos and Juan Carlos Sancho

Photographs: Juan Carlos Sancho

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