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In our proposal we introduce a temporary functional installation made of lendable scaffolding elements combined with a system of strained net. Altogether they build an eye-catching shape with an interesting spatial interior that can be used by the festival visitors in many ways.

The construction does not need a foundation, in that way it also spare the natural environment. It is reusable and can be installed with low expenses. It can be built fast and easily. The construction has a module of 25 centimeters, and has a total height of 5m. The dense net is made of tension belts. You can lie, walk or even climb on it. It is folded and strained between the scaffolding construction in a playful way, so that it offers different situations for resting, lying, sitting, and it provides shade at the same time.

The installation should be built on a wide glade, so that it can be approached from all sides. On the ground floor it offers an systematic rhythmical spatial environment where you can walk through or can sit down for a bit. It also has four large swings with an eye to the sky - still protected from the hard sun. On the ramps you can walk up to the second floor, where you find a couple of different areas for chilling. There are some lookout points also, though not very high.

The net is dense enough to be lighted in a way that makes the pavilion visible from a great distance. The electrification is not the part of the structure but an extern LED system that is also can be lent.

With its form and structure, it also pays honor to the great Woodstock festival.

Our aim is to create a functional but also playful and interesting space for the visitors that offers a different atmosphere than the stage areas and the music pavilions. It is a place of chilling where you can rest, but you can´t forget that you are at a great festival.

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