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Sziget Square shapes the power of freedom.

Sziget Square is a space growing in synergy with the energies of the festival, constantly evolving and that gives people the power to shape their space, in a great celebration of joy and freedom.

This is not the static and immutable plan of a place to stay, rather, this is the project for a place to live and to experience, and which people can contribute to in first person.

Sziget Square’s project is grounded on few elements that are the same that constitute the cities we live in; these elements are:

the square, as the central public space of our cities, probably the most important one, a place of transit and of stay as well, where people meet and gather, or get routed while simply walking through;

the light house or bell tower, a landmark, an attractor for all the citizens and travellers; taller and brighter than everything else can be seen from every corner of a land or city. It shows where the core of the city is so even the furthest ones can easily reach it;

the gate, a large and bright sign floating above the heads of people symbolically marks the entrance to the extraordinary Sziget world; visible from far away during both day and night reminds;

the canopy, during the day a traveller can find shelter in its shadow, while thousands of balloons paint surroundings walls in colours, while at night it’ll suddenly became a constellation of glowing stars;

the love locks in this case, balloons, are the means by which people take action on their city, leaving a mark on the space they live in and a message for others [to pick up at the end of the festival]. This action turns the wall, an element generally meant to divide, into a positive community driving force. Thus, users can build and shape by themselves the walls of freedom.

This project aims to using a simple element, balloons, in an unexpected context, exploiting their hidden potential: as inflated lightweight objects only a small amount of matter is necessary to cover large surfaces. Air, free, sustainable and inexpensive becomes a building material.

The use of balloons drastically lowers the consumption of raw materials like wood or steel. From a recyclability perspective the use of truss to frame the balloons and shape the core structures is the optimal choice. Truss is the most widely used element to make temporary structures, it’s easy to find, cheap to buy or rent, and easy and fast to assemble.

These arguments show this project as innovative in many ways, in fact it represents a re-interpretation of the traditional core of the public life of every city, but also for the use of conventional staging materials thinking outside the box and designing an unconventional solution.

Furthermore, any advantage generated by such strategy can be donated to organizations focusing on sustainability and environment protection: we could expect a donation to such organizations of any budget surpluses.

In other words, freedom is a shared value.

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