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As a temporary structure to be lived at a music festival, we wanted to deliver an innovative experience that would reflect the spirit of the festival. The organic and dynamic design of the pavilion was inspired by the complexity and the vitality of music.

It was important to us that both the shape and the structure in all its elements were characterised by lightness, to attract people to the experience. Lightness is communicated by the geometric modelling of the shape, with parts that seem suspended in the air, and by the choice of using wooden beams that both provide shade and create a transparent filter towards the exterior space. The way these beams are composed is the true innovation of the pavilion. Through the repetition of one simple element, such as a wooden beam, we were able to obtain the impression of a curved and complex geometrical shape. The beams are connected to each other with simple and minimal elements such as metal plates and screws. The result is a very simple and practical structure to assemble that achieves maximum aesthetic effects. The materials used also contribute to the practicality of the structure. The flooring of the pavilion is obtained from recycled tyres and the wood merges well with the surrounding context of the island of Oboudai-sziget, characterised mainly by a green environment. The design of the pavilion in itself also adapts well to the environment as it does not present a preferential direction and therefore is adaptable to all spaces.

We wanted the pavilion to be a place of gathering for the people of the festival. The choice of using an organic design was functional to the creation of a sense of welcome and community. The great arches on the four cardinal points invite people inside where they discover a common space under the central dome. The soft flooring also creates a sense of accommodation along with the comfortable seatings.

The pavilion also has a life cycle during the entire day: with the sunlight the shape of the structure can be admired, and as it gets dark the fiber optic cables light up the entire pavilion creating the unique experience of a starry night sky that can be observed laying down of the soft floor. Another opportunity to gather are the USB cables that hang from the ceiling, that give the possibility to charge phone a necessity that we all have in common in our technological era.

All these elements that make it such an attractive gathering point will surely turn it into a recognisable landmark of the festival. The originality of the shape, the height of the central dome, the night time illuminating experience.

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