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SELF(R)IEDOM is an iconic sculptural beacon that both reflects and alters its surroundings and people.

The two mirrored forms create a sense of place and shelter: a hidden courtyard where unexpected experiences await festival goers. Our proposal, if the site allows, is to build the structure around a native tree to celebrate the nature surrounding us. If the site does not allow for the placement of a tree in the courtyard, then the center point will be anchored by a large disco ball dispersing the light and reflections.

The courtyard becomes a place of self-reflection, self-examination and also, a place for humility. A place to playfully interact with ourselves and the structure.

For the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, seeing one´s reflection is inseparable from individual freedom. To be human for him is to know his existence, his name, his history, his dramas, his conflicts and his contradictions. According to Kierkegaard, "No one can see himself in a mirror, without knowing himself beforehand, otherwise it is not seeing, but seeing someone else."

The exterior, on the other hand reflects its surroundings and therefore is constantly changing. It becomes a sculptural element from afar and invites festival goers to meet there.

The color and reflectivity of the interlocking forms creates a series of moments as one moves around them. As one approaches the structure during the daylight, they reveal that it is also possible to move through them.

In the pink structure a black interior with a perforated ceiling creates moments of spiritual light beams from above. The purpose of this path is to invite quiet reflection as people move through.

The gold structure contains two experiences within. As one enters, a louvered ceiling allows the sky to be reflected on the mirrored floor but only allows for limited views above. As you turn the corner the ceiling disappears to allow a focused view of the sky. A reflective stairs invites you to climb to heaven. Finally, at the end of the journey you are at the level of the tree top and have views of the courtyard within and the surrounding festival grounds.

Each of the structures experience leads to a spiritual, physical, and visual deliverance:
  • Spiritual: when walking or sitting on these stairs to heaven, where the sky reflects on the mirrored steps.
  • Physical: from a constrained space to the openness of the park.
  • Visual: from the darkness to the light.
At night, the disco ball and the flood lights maintain the festival energy, creating a surreal lighting experience. Our senses get lost and become free from reality and free from inhibitions.

SELF(R)IEDOM attempts to create a profound and lasting impression on the festival goers while only creating a fleeting effect on the festival grounds. This is accomplished in the following ways:
  • The structure, scaffolding, is rented and returned.
  • Reflective panels, lights and disco balls can be donated and reused by local galleries/schools/exhibition spaces for displays, installations, and art shows.
  • Reflective vinyl sheeting fully recyclable.
  • Plywood is fully recyclable.
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