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Multidisciplinary Design Studio

The refurbishment of the multidisciplinary studio is based on placing three closed volumes that organize the place functionally and spacially.  These three volumes, the private box, the light box and the sanitary box, are placed strategically in the site plan in order to create different work areas.  Diagonal viewpoints increase spacial sensation, zooming in at certain points in order to create areas of privacy and to generate functional changes of different areas.  This occurs in cross section as well as plans, originating different perceptions and sensations within the same space.

Light is an important element that dominates interior space.  Natural lighting is introduced via skylights that are strategically placed along the perimeter of the building and through an ample light box placed furthest away from the entrance.  Artificial lighting articulates the long sides of the building, generating indirect light similar to natural light introduced through the skylights.

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Axo estudio multidisciplinar  bcn
Plan section 000  estudi multidisciplinar
Plan + Section
Site 000 estudio multidisciplinar 2

Architect: Josep Ferrando and Roman Ortega

Client: ROOM S.L.

Builder: ROOM S.L.

Photographs: Adrià Goula

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