Mecd mec hall   mecanoo architecten

Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD)

The University of Manchester’s Engineering Campus Development (MECD) will be a landmark that celebrates engineering within the world’s first modern city. Once complete, MECD will be the new home to the University’s four engineering schools and two research institutes from the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

The scheme boasts 70,590 m2 of interactive learning environments, flexible labs, and bespoke project areas with cutting-edge technologies to support innovation, creativity and collaboration on a completely new scale.

The new campus will heighten the visibility and accessibility to the University’s activities in engineering and the applied sciences, facilitating a stronger engagement with industry, local schools and the wider public. 

Integrating architecture, interior and landscape, Mecanoo’s design will deliver an inspiring, highly flexible first-class teaching and research environment that transform the way in which the University educates future engineers.

MECD will have a strong identity that reflects Manchester’s past, present and future – a city of pioneers, continued to be led by discovery. The design is driven by the core principles of visibility of activities, technology, permeability, urban continuity and craftsmanship.

As a gateway between the existing University of Manchester campus and the city, MECD’s open character will attract people to the facilities and showcase the activities within. A palette of simple and honest materials, like brick and steel, is combined with a strong articulation of form and clear structural expression across the facade.

Mecd upper brook street building   mecanoo architecten
Showcasing activities of heavy duty laboratories along Upper Brook Street.
Mecd connection mec hall and ubsb   mecanoo architecten
Mecd york street building   mecanoo architecten
Extra High Voltage laboratory showcases research of the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
Mecd birdseye view   mecanoo architecten
Birdseye view
Mecd model closed   mecanoo architecten
Model closed
Mecd model open   mecanoo architecten
Model open
Mecd concept diagram and concept section   mecanoo architecten
MECD Concept diagram and concept section

Address: Grosvenor Street, Upper Brook Street and Booth Street East.
Client: University of Manchester, UK

Programme: 81,000 m2 campus development with central MEC Hall (59,000 m2), including state-of-the-art student spaces, teaching environments, lecture halls, laser labs (1161 m2), dry labs (8784m2), chemical labs (2412 m2), biological labs (630 m2), characterisation labs (1141 m2), workshops, cleanrooms, meeting rooms, conference, food and beverage, equipment/material storage and associated public realm.

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