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King´s Cross Central

Centrally located in King’s Cross and adjacent to the city’s largest station, Google’s London headquarters will be its first wholly owned and designed building outside the United States. The new 11-storey building, combined with Google’s current building at 6 Pancras Square and an additional third building, will create a King’s Cross Campus with the potential to house 7,000 Google employees. Comprising of more than 1 million sqft, of which Google will occupy 650,000 sqft, the purpose-built building is being developed from the ground up and will contribute to the Knowledge Quarter and King’s Cross’s growing knowledge-based economy.

The design for the new Google Campus at King’s Cross is rooted in the local character of the area, taking advantage of the contextually defined building envelope while creating continuously cascading work environments that will connect Googlers across multiple floors. By opening up the ground floor and activating the roofscape, the light and airy workspaces are sandwiched between the terraced gardens on the roof - and market halls, auditoria and shops on the ground. Construction on the King’s Cross office will commence in 2018.

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Partner in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen, Daniel Sundlin
Project Leaders: Ziad Shehab, Martin Voelkle, Leon Rost
Team: Andreas Klok Pedersen, Andreas Müllertz, Andy Young, Cadence Bayley, Cat Huang, Chris Falla, Claire Thomas, David Iseri, Deyan Nenov, Dimitrie Grigorescu, Dominyka Voelkle, Emily King, Florencia Kratsman, Giedrius Mamavicius, Haochen Yu, Helen Chen, Jakub Wlodarczyk, Jan Leenknegt, Jim Carr, Kiley Feickert, Kurt Nieminen, Lauren Connell, Leon Rost, Lina Bondarenko, Lisa Melvin, Lorenzo Boddi, Louise Frelaut, Lucas Carriere, Megan Fiona Cumming, Mike Yin, Ming Cheong, Montgomery de Luna, Oliver Colman, Paula Petkova, Ren Yang Tan, Richard Keys, Ryan Harvey, Shane Dalke Stephanie Choi, Thomas Yaher, Troels Sørensen, Yang Yang Chen

Collaborators: Heatherwick Studio, BDP, Gardiner & Theobald, AKT II, Atelier Ten, Olsson Fire & Risk, Sandy Brown, SWECO, Arup, Gillespies, Mott MacDonald, Eckersley O'Callaghan, ACD, Charcoalblue, SHW, REEF, Sturgis Carbon Profiling, Devin, RWDI, BIM Technologies
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