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Isenberg School of Management Business Innovation Hub

ISOM’s new extension aims to function as a change agent, and to further enhance the Isenberg name among the nation’s leading business schools. Characteristic architectural design, together with program innovation, assertive re-branding, and future-minded infrastructure, will be the catalyst to launch Isenberg into the next phase of growth and success.

The primary goals of the project are to consolidate departments currently located across campus, house all of ISOM in one coordinated assemblage of buildings, and to create a dynamic interior public space in the form of a Student Learning Commons. The commons are designed to accommodate the dual function of student gathering and study space as well as special events space for guest speakers, awards ceremonies, and banquets. New instructional spaces include two-tiered hybrid classrooms and one financial analytics classroom, set to simulate a trading-floor environment. Sustaining ISOM’s future growth also requires an expansion of spaces dedicated to specialized centers, increasing staff and support spaces, as well as adding spaces for new faculty in each of Isenberg’s growing academic departments.   

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Partners in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen, Daniel Sundlin
Project Leaders: Daniel Kidd, Elena Bresciani, Hung Kai Liao, Pauline Lavie, Yu Inamoto
Team: Alice Cladet, Amina Blacksher, Barbara Stallone, Beat Schenk, Cheyenne Vandevoorde, Davide Maggio, Deborah Campbell, Denys Kozak, Derek Wong , Domenic Schmid, Douglass Alligood, Emily Mohr, Fabian Lorenz, Francesca Portesine, Ibrahim Salman, Jan Leenknegt, Justyna Mydlak, Kai-Uwe Bergmann, Kristoffer Negendahl, Ku Hun Chung, Linda Halim, Lucas Hong, Manon Otto, Maria Eugenia Dominguez, Mustafa Khan, Nicolas Gustin, Pei Pei Yang, Peter Lee, Seoyoung Shin, Simon Lee, Terrence Chew, Tianqi Zhang, Tore Banke, Yehezkiel Wiliardy, Yixin Li

Collaborators: Goody Clancy Architects, Richmond So Engineers, Arup, Nitsch, VAV, Towers Golde, Haley & Aldrich, Acentech, HLB, SGH, PEER, WIL-SPEC, VGA, Lerch Bates, LN Consulting, Mohar Designs, BIG IDEAS
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