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Ilot Queyries

Designed to fully exploit this exceptional location, Ilot Queyries’ facades adapt to their opposite views towards the River Garonne and the historic city. The plan aims to reflect the qualities of Bordeaux World Heritage Site city centre whilst adding new qualities. Emblematic of the masterplan are facades with 45° angles which are used as a tool to generate maximum ventilation, daylight and sun. These angles have also opened the possibilities to create innovative housing. The larger building at the riverfront will have a distinct gold-splashed façade, whilst different shades of ceramic tiles, give a textured effect from top to bottom. The glass-fronted rooftop restaurant offers panoramic views of the historic city and river. At the heart of this collective dwellings is its large public courtyard with a garden of alder, birch and high grasses. 

The project articulates the future of Bastide Niel and was initiated by Kaufman & Broad and Adim. It is also part of the wider ZAC Bastide-Niel masterplan which will create an inviting, attractive and greener extension to the city centre of Bordeaux, with a mixed programme of housing, retail, offices, higher education and other public facilities all laid out in a fine and intimate urban fabric. 

02 street gold
Street gold
04 garden
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Client: Kaufman & Broad, ADIM 

Design team: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs. Nathalie de Vries with Jeroen Zuidgeest, Nils Christa, Marie Saladin, Thomas Boerendonk, Roxana Aaron, Marco Gazzola, Adam Mierzwa, Florian Hoanen and Antoine Ceunebroucke 

Vizulisation: Antonio Luca Coco, Paolo Mossa Idra, Kirill Emelianov, Tomaso Maschietti and Constanza Cuccato 

Co- architects: Flint 

Landscape Design: Sabine Haristoy 

Images: MVRDV 

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