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House M+N

The house is situated on a crest, generating different relationships with its immediate environs.  On one side, the treetops are at the level of a veranda; on another side, the entwined branches, when viewed from the sitting area, act as a filter through which to contemplate the outdoors. The basalt-covered roof frames and underlines in black the views which provide different depth perceptions, thus offering the dweller a differing range of situational views. 

The location of the house highlights the changing seasons. The wood serves as a screen or shutter allowing more and less light to filter through throughout the year. In summer it serves as a drawn curtain and in winter after the leaves have fallen, as an open one. Thus the house interacts with the changing seasons and landscape. 

In some cases, the inclination of the tiles point towards the horizon, melting the skyline of the building into the hills in the background. In others, the irregular cornice delimits the patio of the house. 

The sequences of walls that are set off each other foment diagonal relationships between spaces. The prolongation of the walls and the roof tiles allow the projection of the interior space towards the exterior, at the same time that they capture the scenery framed, creating lines that conjoins the building to the landscape. In this way, the house embraces the exterior space as its own. 

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Photo: Pedro Pegenaute
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Photo: Pedro Pegenaute
Photo: Adriá Goula
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Photo: Adriá Goula
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Photo: Adriá Goula
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Photo: Adriá Goula
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Photo: Adriá Goula
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Photo: Pedro Pegenaute
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Photo: Pedro Pegenaute
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Photo: Pedro Pegenaute
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Photo: Pedro Pegenaute
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Photo: Pedro Pegenaute
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Photo: Pedro Pegenaute
Axo casa  bescanó
Jfb 041 plan life
Jfb 041 sin entorno p 1
Jfb 041 ground floor
Ground floor
Jfb 041 section01
Section 1
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Section 2
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Section 3
Site 041  casa a bescanó

Architect: Josep Ferrando

Client: Mike and Natalia

Builder: Promonord 23 SA

Technical architect: Alfonso Villarreal

Structural Engineer: NB-35 Barcelona

Collaborators: Marc Nadal, Jordi Queralt, Xavi Cornejo and Ferran Laguna

Photographs: Pedro Pegenaute and Adriá Goula

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