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Biomimic Design

This exhibition design was commissioned by Roca London for their Zaha Hadid designed gallery space. The design drew on the Fibonacci Series, the mathematical characteristic of the growth of tree branches, distribution of leaves on a stem and many other biological sequences. This was abstracted to make a series of three dimensional frames whose patterns were chosen to accommodate each group of objects and images. In this way the mechanism of display was part of the exhibition content. The form, in other words was also the content.

The strong angular geometry of the welded steel frames contrasted with the flowing, curved space of the Zaha designed gallery.

Focusing on examples of biomimicry in design, the exhibition showed projects ranging in scale from giant solar power plants to footballs, from advanced robots to the handle of tennis rackets, from trains to swimming costumes. Each of these examples showed how an idea, principle or technology used in contemporary design projects has been derived from examples seen in nature.

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